A  B  O  U  T     M  E

photo by Leo Thomas
photo by Leo Thomas

I was born in Mainz, Germany as the middle one of four siblings. My parents had a restaurant,

which is now my brother’s.


I always wanted to do something creative and so I moved to Trier to study communication design at the

University of applied science.

During my Bachelor I specialized on illustration and drawing. 


Within I was traveling a lot, especially around South- and Central America and I lived in Portugal for 7 months.

 I fell in love with Portugal and so I decided to do my Drawing Master at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisboa.


Now I am based in Cologne working as a freelancer illustrator and graphic designer.


 The thing I like the most is creating backgrounds, structures and patterns and combine them with detailed drawings. I also like to use printing techniques like Linoleum or Monotype. Within this technique, I work analogue as well as digitally. I also do Graphic Design to join illustrations and typography.



 If you are interested to do a project, feel free to contact me!